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Imagine you are partying outside and all of sudden the wind starts blowing, and then it starts to rain. What you can do except shifting your things inside quickly. Your party is ruined but this will not happen if you have an exterior roof. The exterior roof allows you to enjoy the sunlight and to enjoy the party even in the rain. This is possible our exterior roofs are built in a way so that you can enjoy what you want. The outdoor roof adds beauty to your home so it must be chosen with great care. It should increase the beauty of your home instead of looking like an extra non wanted thing.

Our specialty ‘timber exterior roof’ does not only gives you the comfort it also soothes your aesthetic sense. We design every roof depending on our clients’ needs. The designs differ depending on its need for front yard or back yard. We will discuss with you the design first and on your approval we build it and also we will install the roof for you so no worries of hiring other professionals for the installation. The material of roof also differs depending on your needs but we prefer timber because it lasts longer, it is easy to maintain it and it looks beautiful. This is weather proof which makes it to last longer with minimum required work.

Other material options besides timber are metal, fiberglass, fabric and plastic. All these materials are doing great in exterior roof. They are used in roof building with the protection layers. The size, shape and style of roof differ and depend on your home construction. It can be cut down to a specific size to meet your requirements. Metal roofs are considered more efficient because of their durability. They are also more permanent than any other roof material.

The fiberglass roofs are also durable and they are also not expensive. Polycarbonate sheeting is designed to give the light exposure but keep the rain away from you. They also came in different sizes to suit your requirements. There are different types of roofs but the fiber roof is the best way to cover your backyard.

They also offer UV protection thus increasing the life of your outdoor furniture. They are also available indifferent colors and designs and are resistant to the sun, moisture and other harmful elements. Some roofs can be removed easily after the installation while some are hard to remove once installed. You can choose from these materials depending on your needs and we will make an astonishing design out of it. ALFRESCO PRICES PERTH WA

Alfresco Perth are well known for:

  • Exceptional durability.
  • Low maintenance is required. span>
  • Non absorbent.
  • Stain resistance.
  • Long lasting.


Alfresco_Perth_Roof_1 Alfresco_Perth_Roof_2
 Alfresco_Perth_Roof_3  Alfresco_Perth_Roof_4
 Alfresco_Perth_Roof_5  Alfresco_Perth_Roof_6
 Alfresco_Perth_Roof_7  Alfresco_Perth_Roof_8

We use an array of different timbers, be they Australian Hardwoods,Exotic Timbers or a selection of recycled timbers.

The exotic timbers include Kwilla or Merbau. Kwilla

(Papaya New Guinea) and Merbau (Indonesia) are

essentially the same timber. The Kwilla has a slightly

more “reddy”tinge to it and the Merbau is more on the

brown side. However, their timber properties and prices

are the same. They also take stain well in the oiling

application meaning you are able to change the tonal

colour of the Timbers. Yellow Bilau, however, is a different timber and it is more

brittle and prone to fracturing or cracking. It does not

leach as much as the other two exotic timbers however the

leaching of these timbers is somewhat dramatised by

suppliers of Australian hardwoods

(some of which also leach).

A handy supply of White King Bleach will remove the

leaching sediment from pavers,concrete, render ect….

All our team have some on site for any stains which occur

prior to oiling. Other products we install include Vitex

which is a sustainable hardwood, Spotted Gum, BlackButt.

We also install plastic composite decking of various makes.


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